Enjoy a dip in our refreshing freshwater pool. The spacious pool features a lovely waterfall, coloured lights for night swimming and room for 16 people. Relax on the patio as there are plenty of seating options including pool loungers.


Our natural teak kitchen has a wonderful rustic look and is equipped with everything you need to prepare anything from a tropical cocktail to a 5 course dinner. Appliances include two full size refrigerators, six burner gas stove with oven and a host of small appliances.


In Costa Rica outdoor living is ideal. Our patio features an outdoor kitchen, a great brick barbeque where you can cook the fresh seafood you picked up at the fishing docks and seating area. Driftwood from the beach imparts a wonderful flavor to your meats and seafood.


Our tropical garden offers many delights. More than sixty varieties of fruits, flowers and plants. Sample a giant passion fruit, papaya or mango in season. Our garden is visited by butterflies, birds, iguanas and red tailed squirrels. Relax in a hammock amongst the coconut trees.

Puntarenas Beach

A short stroll through our coconut trees leads directly to the dark soft sand of Puntarenas Beach. For over half a century, Puntarenas beach has been the vacation choice of wealthy Costa Rican families. Here you can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets in the country.

Nearby Convenieces

Our neighbourhood has banks, ATM machines, supermarkets, local cafes, restaurants, buses, taxis and clinic/pharmacy all with walking distance. (or 3 minute drive)